orangeland gallery

A hidden jewel of an art gallery, nestled in the charming Nob Valley area between the Nob Hill, Russian Hill and Chinatown neighborhoods of San Francisco, the gallery features the work of Candace Loheed and Heather Mickley and has periodic juried shows of various themes., and offers a unique selection of jewelry, gifts and cards.

Candace Loheed, artist/owner/curator

Artist, owner and founder of orangeland gallery, Candace Loheed, has studio space at the gallery where she works on her paintings, giclée prints and jewelry designs. Flirting with the subliminal in her work creates a cohesion between internal and external realities. Her romance with technology facilitates her quest for the purely exuberant and intuitive.

Heather Mickley, gallery director

A Miami Beach, Florida native now based in San Francisco, California. She captures and shares beauty found along the way via landscape photography. Heather joined orangeland gallery in July 2016 as Gallery Director and brings a wealth of marketing and fine arts expertise.

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