Double Yellow

A juried exhibition of art featuring or including the color yellow.
June 15 – July 31, 2019

June 22, 2019, 4-7 pm

Katia Almeida, Marsha Balian, Julie Blankenship, Greta Boesel, Lisa Bostwick, Carol Brighton, Gordon Bryan, Carol Dalton, Lorrie Fink, Bean Finneran, Liz Fracchia, Julie Garner, Alyce Gottesman, Irene Kononova, Candace Loheed, Sherrie Lovler, Liz Mamorsky, Gloria Matuszewski, Zea Morvitz, James Ong, Sara Post, Young Shin, Ivy Something, Earl Speas, Inez Storer, Victoria Veedell, Emil Yanos, and Sarah Young.

Greta Boesel, Sharkish Sea, 2019, digital print on metal (detail)

Artist's Description:
This piece is one of a series in which I assigned colors to each half-tone on the musical scale, then created visual representations of songs. The work is partly driven by the initial color assignments; variability is introduced with the selective manipulation of other elements, including the shapes chosen to represent each note of a given duration, inclusion of harmonies (or not), etc.